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We simply love cheeses!
Our wide selection of classic and regional speciality cheeses directly imported from France is a journey in fine tastes

We source our cheeses from regional farms that are known to make the best cheeses in their categories
As a complement to our cheeses, we have a selection of French Pâtés and Terrines

  Our top sellers

We are always working to update and expand our range of cheeses for customers to enjoy. Take a peek at some of our top choices below, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, special requests, or to place an order. 

For the full range, please go to our French Cheese and Local Selection
Brie aux Truffes
Brie aux tRuffes

A perfect combination of French Brie with a layer of creamy Truffles filling, this Brie aux Truffes is a star on any cheese platter

R 172 per 200g
Comte 2
Comté 15 months

The preferred cheese in France! Made in the Jura mountains from raw cow's milk and matured for 15 months at one of the best "affineur". With its fruity and nutty flavours our Comté is just exceptional

R 168 per 200g
This Ewe's milk cheese is one the oldest known cheeses. Ossau-Iraty is produced in the Pyrenees region - in the Basque Country’s Irati beech forest and in neighboring Ossau Valley. I has a creamy and buttery texture with fruity, slightly floral flavors
R169 per 200g
crottin de chavignole
Crottin de Chavignol
From the Loire region where the best goat milk cheese is produced.  This small round cheese weighing 60 to 70gr is full of flavour and is one of the best French goat cheeses you will find 
R79 per piece
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